My first blog

Finally after all that no/ yay I am starting my own blog, sounds very satisfying.I am very much thankful to my dear friend for pushing me to write and created this blog for me.As my first blog , wanted to write about something I have experienced  / done recently.Something that is worth mentioning.

So today I am going to review preeti shenoy’s life is what you make it.

Recently I  have developed a habit of reading self-help / inspirational books every fortnight.This one is a must read book.Preeti has wonderfully scripted this one without any confusion for readers.It is inspired by real life incidents.During reading I was glued to it and finished in three days! Such the magic it has. I could relate a lot myself with some of the incidents in this, I believe every girl in her 20’s goes through such things.We all are so occupied in our career , future that unintentionally do hurt someone sometime,either your love or loved ones.

This book is about so many realistic things that anyone can relate.I have gone through many unwanted disturbances in my life till date. The character of ankita is wonderfully written and easy to relate to , at least I did.This is a story about how being in a worst situation can also be utilise to nurture oneself .How ankita being in mental hospital opened her closed life so beautifully is very inspiring.She opened up to herself and dug out the artist  in  the state of being called as mad.Wow! what a thought.

After reading this book I am sure every reader will say if she can do it so can I and anyone else.I believe this is the sentiment behind this masterpiece of writing from preeti shenoy.

Good luck lady and keep writing.

Will I recommend?- yes , must read.

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