10 ways for a happy life!

1- Believe In God ! Trust me noting like it. Your faith is your power and gives a feeling of fearlessness .

2-Follow Daily Routine! I  know its easy to say but hard to  maintain and i have been through this but once you achieve it then life is wonderful.Simply make a routine on paper , organise your tasks in advance and try to follow it for 21 days. Sleep and get up on time is the most important part of life.It works wonders.

3-Control Anger! It kills a person from within. Try deep breathing for 10 minutes anytime in a day . It really helps.It is bit hard to not to get angry at all but controlling it is a big achievement of life.

4-Exercise / Yoga / Meditation! Nothing else can detoxify your body, mind and soul.It cures illness , improves immunity and therefore increases quality of life.The results are just miraculous.

5- Control Anxiety! it is my personal experience that stress , fear , anxiety harms your life in a big way and makes you sick.Just stay calm in times of stress and follow yoga in routine life.

6- Follow the good old principle “Health is Wealth’! A sick person faces lot of difficulties in daily life thus affecting his professional life.First do make a routine  for a healthy life and then think about money-making. Sickness leads to laziness, resulting in wastage of time and money.

7-Do Charity! Everyone must give away something at least once a year. It  could be anything from food , clothing , money , providing free education , work for animals etc. there are many ways to do something for the needy. Gives us the sheer joy to see someone smiles.

8- Set Goals! Make a target and then make a plan to achieve it , once achieved make a higher one and work towards  it.Keep growing like this in life.It is the best way  for an organised and clutter free mind.Take baby steps for a big goal .

9- Think Big-We must always set our goals high first and then slowly try to achieve them . A bigger goal will make you achieve at least something of it. Small set goal might let you achieve a lot of it but that will be not let you  open   to the world and will never gives you the  courage to think big and take risks in  life.

10- Think Positive! I know it’s a cliché but the main food for our brain and body is positive thinking.Negative approach leads to destruction always and a positive one takes you to  the happier side in life.Read the secret by Rhonda Byrne.

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