Poetry And Writtings

“Don’t you love me like before”

Don’t you love like before

Do you lie to me more,

Can’t you see the pain

Is your heart so plain,

Try n be the same

Relation is not a game!

Don’t you love me like before.

Were those confessions a true lie

Or say you were never mine,

Don’t you still feel the same

Place on heart my name,

Can’t we again fall in love,

You n me still beloved!

Don’t you love me like before.

Strange you behave now

Passion gone somehow,

Broke in my heart,

But still can’t be apart

Belief of mine is very strong,

Call me, back from distance long!

Don’t you love me like before.

Your eyes still the same

Tears float, in the pain,

Still feel that love suppressed

Don’t hold just express the rest,

A tight hug, a kiss divine,

A smile shine n you are mine,

Don’t stop just say once!

I love like before.

I only loved you

Felt always in you,

Don’t let our love die

We can make a new fly,

Hard times are passé

Just hold my hands and say!

I still love you like before.

An attempt to describe the pain of a realtionship on the verge of break-up.Both wants it to continue forever but something holds them back.

If you love a person then try till the  last to be with them forever.Nothing can hurt you  more than loosing him/ her. Make up is the way to be , avoid break up.

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