Advantages of having proper ventilation!

Why ventilation is important in house?

Some days ago i went to my friend’s new house and generally asked this question, why did you leave the old house. He told me that the previous house was on ground floor and had caught major termite and even after a strong anti termite medication treatment which continued for 2 days their house was again in grip of fungus bacteria after 6 months of spray. So they were forced by the termite insects to sell the house, though they dint want to.
    The man who purchased it was an architect and the first thing he did was to accommodate at least three windows in outer walls of that house, to pass air. Proper chimney was given in the kitchen and due to lack of space its passage was made from dinning- living area. Just theses two simple steps cured all that termite forever, the main reason being proper ventilation.
So now you know the advantages of having proper ventilation in houses specially on  ground floors. Some main benefits of proper ventilation system in homes-
– Fresh air, beneficial for body, mind and soul.
– Natural light source, it plays a significant role in any house according to vastu.
-Removal of fungul / viral bacteria.
– Can enjoy every wheather
– Safe because one can see the activities outside easily.
– Very useful in extreme summers as it brings fresh air in moring and evening both , and fill the oxygen gap which  is created by air conditioners.
– Beneficial in winters for sun light, which keeps warmth and prevents from viral infections due to cold waves.
Ventilation has hardly any negative points so try and have at least few proper open windows in houses / offices etc.

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