Poetry And Writtings


Blast yourself in the weakest hour
Fly above with all the power
Hold your breath, forget past
Give life a dynamic cast
Break rules to follow dreams
Tough times ahead, life is not cream
Good or bad the past rests
Stand rocked, work on future best
Life is a gift not mercy
Enjoy, smile provide courtesy
Tears flow like rain water
Wipe them off, be tougher.
Ignite the fire in you!
 See rocks in flowing river
Still always never shiver
Stand still like them always
No fear, be strong
When life goes wrong
You firm like frozen rock
Only melts when sunshine lost.
 Ignite the fire in you!
 If rest in present
Loose future as present
Every second contributes
Work hardest, grab dreams true
Dream big like sky
Enjoy life as high
No rest, no laziness
Only best efforts express
Time will not come again
If lost, suffer in life plain.
 Ignite the fire in you!
 Tough times will make you gold
Burnt, remolded for life bold
Target the highest always
Faith in god, protects in many ways
Roads get tough ahead
Drive with life holding hand.
Life is short
So live high!
Ignite the fire in you!
Some famous person has said that if your dreams doesnt scare you, then they aren’t big enough.
Dream big and achieve it and then set a new target to achieve.
Remember we live only once so do what we wish to and live life big.Work hard to succeed in life.

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