PARIS collection! Wall art decals

latest collection-

Journey to the beautiful France

Little Paris in the kitchen!

Eiffel in clouds!

Relax under the magnificent EIFFEL!

Hey look! EIFFEL in my living room!!!WOW!

“Sweet Remembrance”…

My light is enough to show its ‘ONE WAY.’

Pinky birds talking on Black Lamp Post!

I drink only with you honey! sometimes :)♥

Dark Paris! 

These are from my latest wall sticker collection.Beautiful and classy , they are truly a treat to the eyes.

Splurge! don’t think twice , value for money wall stickers available only at ‘The Interioz’.


2 thoughts on “PARIS collection! Wall art decals”

  1. Hi, I cannot seem to send an email to the address specified above. I’m interested in purchasing an Eiffel Tower decal. Can you let me know how I can go about doing so?

    1. Hey

      Thanks! I think there is some mail hosting problem with my website. You can mail me at specify which Paris wall decal you want to buy and if you want more I have more than 100 designs in them.So do let me know.

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