Useful ‘VAASTU’ Tips for home

Do lit a diya or incense stick in your temple every evening to ward off negative energies.

Place sea salt in a bowl in rooms and specially in toilets as it absorbs the negative enery inside the premises



Avoid using oval shape or any odd shape dinning table as it can create friction between people.

Displaying medicines / pickles / sharp utensils in kitchen is inauspicious. Keep them in  drawer or cupboard.

Clean kitchen no clutter



Temples should never be made in kitchens / stairways / under stair case or next to toilets.Respect god , you will always get more than you want. Believe it!

Avoid hanging demon faces at the front of house. Many people believe that it protects from buri naza or evil eye but it’s not the case.Evil faces anywhere is bad so put om or swastik instead.

Avoid placing mirrors in bedroom facing bed.Your reflection should not be seen in the mirror while you sleep as it extracts energy .Cover it while sleeping. Best to avoid placing mirror, bed facing.

Do not keep dried or artificial flowers / animal skins /  rusted nails/ fuse electronics /broken utensils in home.Avoid a big source of  negativity.

Do not hang pictures / paintings depicting death, violence , hate , horror, sadness ,agony and poverty.What you sees around makes a huge impact on your personality.


Be happy, be positive avoid negative thoughts and enjoy a beautiful gift of god,          ‘ LIFE’.




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