It seems so long since I last wrote my  blog.I miss it so much. I have been doing color decor and now, adding a different color  decor setup.  Toady i am showing OMBRE technique in different ways.Omre always brings a lively feeling specially if used in clothes , decor and furnishing.Ombre depicts beautiful and smooth flow of colors.


What is ombre?


A color setting of one color going from light to dark or dark to light.It can be in one color or multi colors.


Dark To Light
Multi Color Dark To Light / One color Light To Dark
Seamless mix of ombre with print.
Perfect One Color Ombre
Domination of print yet ombre cushions stand out
Flow of a color , changing smoothly – very different
Sophisticated yet colorful- WOW
Dressed up !


Rosa Decor Arlequin 3
Rosa Decor Arlequin 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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