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Treasure Turquoise

While as a kid i would always think what is color actually called.peacock blue , peacock green turquoise blue or turquoise green or mix of both.Till today there is no fix definition for many us but this particular color has few haters an d alot of lovers for its sheer vibrant mystery properties.Turquoise is a gemstone , but the color has no particular looks different all the time.



Home Decor is an area where one can experiment alot without fearing much. Turquoise color is a versatile and a good base color for any interior background.Try it on wall, Cushions, One main accessory piece, Small flooring area, Curtains but try not to mix many turquoise elements together at one place.

One turquoise piece with backdrop of pinks
A turquoise wall with soft white furniture
A turquoise wall with soft white furniture

Every color does have properties.Turquoise can have properties of blue and green depends on the ratio of blue and green in it.But overall is a comfort, cool and easy color.

Accessory Stand
Accessory Stand

– Try Turquoise for furniture like chest of drawers, dinning table chairs, bed side tables and sitting chairs.Bulky furniture can also be done in turquoise , but always as one main attraction piece for a quirky , sophisticated decor.

Head Board of bed against bright yellow in turquoise
Head Board of bed against bright yellow in turquoise
1a01f86d0f8f2b11_3532-w422-h600-b0-p0--modern living room
Attraction Piece sofa surrounded in white


– Use turquoise in bathrooms for cool and fresh feel.This color is lively and refreshing

Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom Accessories
Mermaid - Side Table Attarction
Mermaid – Side Table
Sober turquoise
Sober turquoise
Salt n Pepper Holder
Salt n Pepper Holder

Bedrooms can look great with turquoise walls and furnishings.

kendall+wilkinson laquered walls turquoise
Turquoise wall with white flower wall decal / sticker



Experiment with Turquoise with confidence and knowledge.One can never go wrong if it used aesthetically.

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