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Not So Boring Grey – Try With Pinks!


Happy New Year Everyone- Excited For The First Post Of 2013.

Grey-Whenever this word comes we instantly think of boring , dull n depressing.But this color has unique versatility to gel with other colors so beautifully. PInk is one of the most desired color with grey.Have a look and try some in your home , office , store-


Pink Decorative on a dark grey background enhancing the cuteness of pink without making the place looks cluster.


Grey allows to use tints and shades of a hue easily. It does not react back in terms of  congestion in decor. It maintains its smoothness and let other colors come out so well.


Use of big wall decals in pinks on grey! Place looks calm yet fun.


Pink and grey table decor is the most elegant and safest. Makes the whole atmosphere so lively and beautiful.Makes one eat with ease and comfort.


Bright Pink And Grey For Living Room


Cute Kitchen! I am sure its a dream kitchen for many girls like me.Try pinks with grey in kitchen accessories .

Cushions are the best piece to add your desired colors in your home sweet home!





Bedrooms should always be cozy, comfortable , clean and relaxing.Light grey and Baby pink is a good combination to achieve comfort while you sleep.



Try these suggestions let me know how it looks.Please do ask about questions / queries on home decor and interiors.I am most happy to answer all and share the knowledge I  have gained yet.


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