Poetry And Writtings

A Smile Worthwhile

A little poem on SMILE.This one sweet gesture comes straight from heart to win million hearts.

An attempt to  make this stressful  atmosphere light with  this poem.


Tonic of life, a bare grin of comfort

Relief in soul , fills empty hole

Smile- to make up!

When you smile, you shine

When you shine, world is divine

Smile to live, live to smile!

Laugh to be happy but smile to make happy

Only one life to smile heartily

Smile for others!

One smile ends many sorrows

Calm your senses, smile plenty

Smile to relieve yourself, It works!

Tears in eyes , smile on lips

A pure heart truly depicts

Smile- It always comes within!

When alone smile with yourself

When in fear , comfort with smile

Smile takes away sorrows

Make a better tomorrow

Smile for today, tomorrow and forever!




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