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Review- Can Love Happen Twice



Can Love Happen Twice By Ravinder Singh

This my book is my entry into the world of love / romantic novels.I wonder why i never read any of these cute love tales before, was really missing something.But as they say its better late than never.

I wanted a change with the heavy duty literature novels I have read in the past.So happen to pick this out of curiosity from the title and  very happy I did .I would not like to reveal the story much as I want everyone to read it.

Its a story of 3 friends narrating their celebrated  author friend’s second time love tale. Ravin and Simar truly in love , living in Belgium and enjoying beautiful days of romance and care.Like a young , beautiful and fun couple fighting then loving n all.But soon material world starts to takeover there cozy love nest. Simar’s insecurities about life in India breaks their relationship. But ravin who already had a tragic past (his girlfriend khushi died in an accident) could not bear the pain and ended up in a rehabilitation center.

Now what will happen? Will ravin’s true and pious  bring simar back to him?

Every young person can relate to this tale.We all must have had few similar experiences , so it feel as your own story. Beautifully depicted love scenes , Ravin’s true love can be sensed in every chapter,Proper Delhi Punjabi touch is dominating in a good way.As i was reading i could visualize the story in front of me because of easy language,A sigh of relief.

My favorite moments- Boozing scene of Simar

Shocking Moment- Ravin’s accident

Would highly recommend specially to young , working Guys and Girls.

I do believe love can happen twice after reading this.

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