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Essentials Of A Couple’s Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where , after a whole day of work and tiredness, one opts to relax and loose. A Couple find its much needed privacy only in the bedroom.


Here are few basic necessities of a couple’s bedroom


TELEVISIONYou may have a big family t.v in the living room or common area but having  one in the bedroom is a must.Couple needs to share some good moments.Watching TV together creates an atmosphere for the two.Sometimes nobody wants to talk after a hectic day at work but watching without saying can also be communicating, at lease togetherness is intact.Just rest yourself on each other’s shoulder and enjoy the time.




A PHOTO OF THE COUPLEA very important accessory in the bedroom is the couple’s loving photo.It keep reminding both about the love , care and commitment.A big beautiful picture perfect portrait always creates loving and beautiful vibes.





Side Tables– To keep all the necessary stuff like  medicine, books , water , phone, i pod.etc. side tables at both bed sides is important to enjoy your private storage.A working couple hardly gets time in a day to enjoy each others company and during night also they need to relax to be prepared for the next day.So it is important to have all your stuff at  bedside .Lot of stuff to be kept on the tables depends on individual’s hobbies and preferences.





Dressing Units-Individual dressing space is good if you have big area.But sharing dressing units can be fun and romantic for couple’s. Sharing always creates loveliness .Using each others body lotions, perfumes and other random stuff like hair gels etc. is a good way to keep engaged in each other.Go for one dressing unit rather than separates to strengthen the love bond.



Seating– Always make a small seating or a sofa for two in the bedroom.Have breakfast or knick knacks together to enjoy each others much needed company.

Seth 2 Seater Futon in Pink


Fragrance Incense Stick-Lit up some aroma fragrance sticks and enjoy the atmosphere it creates for the two.


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