Zingy Home Awards For Interior Designers / Architects

News to share with utmost joy and enthusiasm! Check out all the interior designers / architects and home decor enthusiasts. Zingy Homes has announced an online award program for interior designers and architects to participate and nominate even themselves .This is a first of its kind initiative in the decor industry in India. Interior sector is booming yet has long bridge from the public .This commendable initiative by zingy will be a significant event in bridging the gap between interior sector particularly home decor and all the people looking for house renovations and designers. With a pool of talented designers as nominees, zingy homes can be a great help for the people looking for interior designers/ architects.


In today’s times more and more people not just from metros but from small towns as well are spending on interiors and home decor. Standard of living  holds significant role in analyzing one’s growth and it does hold logic to some extent. When someone decides to spend a certain amount of money on interiors from their hard earnings, they do seek expert advice and zingy homes can be a great help in finding the expert from its designer’s data.  click on the link to see nominated designers with their work.

This event by zingy, featuring some of the best talented and even upcoming designers as nominees. This pool of designers is very helpful in finding the suitable designer according to one’s design needs as samples of works are already given with the designer’s nomination.

Currently Leading – M/S Monnaie

Check out the work –

Just log in and vote for your favorite designer, vote by checking the work.

This event is a great motivational platform for all the fresh interior designers/ architects as well. It is a platform to not only showcase your work but to meet potential client’s as well. A good opportunity to analyze your own work according to the honest vote share at zingy. Simply nominate and participate.


Jury- All the nominated designers are under a careful watch of esteemed jury for the final results.

Judges- Karsten Gori , Uffe Leth , David Hotson,Royston Wilson.All the judges are renowned for their work.

For more Information on judges, visit –

I would really request to all my fellow designers to participate in this online award show. Nominate yourself, any friend or simply vote. Do spread a word as much as possible.


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