Poetry And Writtings

When A Kid Smile!

Children are god’s replica on earth.The smile they give is the most pure and honest in the whole world.A short poem on  a Kid’s Smile





God like smile

moments capture for a while

when a kid smile!

Best day of life

gift grants from skies

when a kid smile!

Forget worries

bury bad memories

enjoy the ride

with a kid’s smile!

God resides in kids

don’t ever hate the little pinks

life life with the cutest, brightest while

with a kid’s smile!

Source of pure love

doze of sacred soul

kid’s bring joy to life

when a kid kid smile!

Adore the time

Embrace the shrine

god lies where kid smiles!


Smiling Baby

Be the reason for that smile

becomes the dear baby of god whole life

life shines when kid smiles!




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