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Asian Paints- Great Ways To Have A Beautiful Home

‘Home is where the heart is’

The saying is so precise these days ,we all are loving to live life in a good standard.The joy of decorating your own home is priceless.Personal touches makes a home from house.Love, warmth , coziness and happiness are the essential vibes and should always shout out from a home.Our home is our reflection – a view of our needs, our culture, tradition ,values,choices,manner and conduct.

A well decorated house surely attracts people around.Asian paints has some amazing ways in their catalog to do up a house easily.

Easy and quick ways to make your house beautiful and full of positive energy-

Walls– The first and foremost section for improvement.The walls are the major focus while renovation or giving makeover to your house.Try  different painting solutions available at Asian paints. when it comes to painting the walls asian paints has the best color range in combinations to offer. Follow underlink to see the painting solutions and color charts.

Choice of color for the walls varies from room and its purpose.

For living rooms the color should be subtle, cozy and lively.The common  room is a place in the house for people  to come together ,relax, be comfortable and enjoy.The paint on walls need to compliment this energy.


Bedroom walls can be experimented with as it is your personal space .But  keeping in mind the relaxation factor .After all the purpose is to sleep beautifully.


–          Click on the link below to see the whole color range on offer.

Asian paints has introduces stencil in the market which is great innovation for walls makeover.Very easy and quick and different designs are available to choose from.

To compliment paints various options are available in market such as paintings, wall art and wall decals .


Wall Decal

Wall Decal

Time Pieces– Wall clock is a must for any place.Put a main wall clock in dinning / common area.Try vintage, antiques, quirky and traditional.




Curtains–   The main purchase for any house.They not only protects and give cover up from outside but also adds character to the house.These days sheer curtains are really in trend.They are light  and easy to maintain.Sunlight reflects beautifully with these ones and  create liveliness and space.



Console and Mirror – One can never go wrong with this classic decoration for any empty space of the house.Consoles are a great finishing touch particularly in living rooms ,lobby and at the entrance.Big mirror over a console is the best option to try in your house.It will add a design aesthetic element.



Flooring –  The floor of a house often gets neglected with all the emphasis given to ceilings and heavy furniture.Flooring gives dimension to the room.Wooden flooring , vinyl / P.V.C flooring ( wooden look) is a classic yet upcoming trend in flooring segment.These are readily available in the market in a good range. Natural wooden flooring is little expensive than vinyls but choice often depends on budget and the look.Both of them are easy to maintain.

Rugs– Change to rugs from carpet.The full  carpet or a wall to wall carpet is a good decor option but old fashioned.Rugs are a huge trend.The main distinctive feature of a rug is that it does not cover the whole area and provides virtual space. Rugs on wooden flooring is really desirable.Together they look cozy yet dramatic.





Piano– Keeping a piano if space allows is one the most sophisticated and dramatic placement one can do in the house.As a musical instrument it gives good vibes as well.



Lights – Try hanging lights or lamps from ceiling to highlight a particular area.Good lighting increase the aesthetics of the whole house and  ass value to all the decor accessories.Even your very exquisite pieces of furniture etc. can look mediocre in bad light.




Glass As Partitions– Try using glass for a sleek and cleaner look.Glass also reflects good light and easily available. Use Glass in kitchen, living rooms and common areas to create more space.




Antique Candle Stands– Add a touch of royalty  by keeping vintage/ antique candle stands.Lit up candles for a  get together or for some private moments.A couple must keep these , so that they can have lovely moments in sweet lights of candles placed on beautifully crafted candle stands.Sound really lovely.




Low Seating–  There is no end when one wants to give makeover  to his/her own house.Do things as per your comfort level.Replace high  with low seating or combine low and high seating in common area.Good for health as well!



Mini Library– Books are a treasure to keep.For people who are into reading a small book place is must.Create shelves or simple buy an amazing book rack and inspire others to read by a proud display of priceless books.




Create Wall Of Memories- Put all the nice pictures on wall and create wall of love displaying great memories.A collage of photos will show the cohesiveness , love n warmth of your family.The best place to put up a collage is lobby, living room.A couple can also create this in their bedroom with beautiful private pictures.Just seeing the love on walls daily will spread joy and happiness.


Creative use of frames– When you have tried all from paintings to pictures and want to really change the whole look.Try a random collage of empty frames or half picture n half empty frame collage on walls.




Indoor Plants– After all the tit bits of trend and modernity , nature should also gets its due.Place indoor plants for a natural and earthy feel.Indoor plants are a great option to break the monotony and adds life.They can never ever go out of fashion.Evergreen!



So these are some of  my tips to make a home beautiful for Asian Paints.

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