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Priyanka Chopra- Diva ‘ The Inspiration’

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most successful Bollywood actress without a doubt.She is a diva different from the crowd.From her first movie, more than a decade ago to being the brand ambassador of guess, she certainly has come a way long all on herself.What is really admirable about her is the dedication and focus with strength.Many controversies were thrown on her but she fought with grace and dignity.There is a drastic change in her looks over the period.Although many term it as plastic or cosmetic beauty , still the girl has guts to face every bad arrow at her.

In her initial years in bollywood
In her initial years in Bollywood




She looks hot and graceful.She is indeed a self made diva.Coming from a middle class background to buying her own Rolls Royce, truly reflects the result  her hard work and determination.A strong woman, she manged herself very well after the loss of her father recently.The guess campaign she begged is gem in her crown.The first Indian to be associated with such a brand is sheer proud moment, yet she seems down to earth.




PC Guess_cover


Controversies are a part of show business but what matters is how to face and still stand strong.She did it just in the right way.I truly get inspiration from her.She is stylish, elegant , well spoken , intelligent and articulate.A rare combination in actresses.





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