Review- Paper Boat Drinks

‘Refresh’- The word we all dream day n night in torturing summers.Now the weather is changing and summers are on threshold, I am introducing all my readers to a wonderful natural drink brand called PAPER BOAT.They had send me drinks to taste and try, but all the opinions in my review are genuine and I stand by them completely.When the drinks arrived I did not even touch for 2 days thinking , that another in line with frooti , slice etc.( I love all the mango drinks and do not mean to defame anyone).To my surprise paper boat drinks are completely different and just lovely.


This is how the parcel had come with the best natural drinks available in the market.The bag is cute and Eco friendly.


These four awesome flavors gonna be my all season friends.Just lovvvveeee it.I had guest at home and make them try as well.Unanimously the verdict is great drinks for summers.

– Aamras : This  one is a true mango puree.Each sip will give awesome mango taste.Its like eating a mango only but in liquid form. Only a true mango fan will enjoy this.It is little thick for a drink but then its natural.No soda added to make it frothy and liquid. Very,Very nice .

Ingredients–   45% mango pulp, little sugar,water ,citric acid, ascorbic acid, pectin, natural and nature-identical flavoring substances

Jaljeera: My favorite out of all four.Much better then all the available jaljeera in market.It was an instant hit amongst my guests as well.Jaljeera drink has the substance to increase your appetite if taken before meal , and also digest the food if take along with or after the meal and this one does that perfectly.Paper boat must have done extensive tasting and research before creating one of the best jaljeera , I ever had.The right amount of spices makes it just perfect.Not very sour and sweet either.

Ingredients-8% lemon,cumin powder,black pepper powder,black salt,common iodized salt,Citric acid, natural flavoring substances, little sugar, water

Aampanna:  This is one is like jaljeera with kaccha aam flavor.Really nice and cooling.The best part is the right amount of sour and sweet taste.Just perfect.I was never an aampanna fan before but now have found this drink  to be my companion although summers.

Jamun Kala Khatta: For the first time I tried jamun drink.Its not that khatta as it sounds.It absolutely khatta meetha in jamun flavor.Exact jamun flavor in drink is  hard to find  but paper boat has it.

Ingredients-     Jamun,little sugar, water ,  Lemon, citric Acid, cumin powder,black pepper powder,black salt,common iodized salt ,ascorbic acid, pectin, de-ionized apple juice concentrate, natural and nature-identical flavoring substances

Ingredient list is taken from the company’s website as I forgot to note the ingredients from the pack and threw it.Silly Me! Click on the link-


All the drinks are best taken when chilled.

Packaging is neat, travel friendly and easy .Just open and drink.No need for any straw.

Price- Rs. 30 only. Decently priced seeing the natural taste it gives.

Facebook page –

Drinks and memories , the concept is truly defined with childhood memories theme on the fb page as well as on the website as well.It is such a lovely effort to relate desi flavors with childhood memories. No child in country has not made paper boats in rainy season and made them afloat.Extra points for concept.

Company website –


Highly recommended to everyone.Enjoy these lovely chilled beauties and get nostalgic.

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