Pretty Pink with Glowing Gold – Interiors




Golden with pink is a beautiful color combination especially for interior purpose.The richness of golden stabilizes , mixing with subtle pink seamlessly.It creates smooth visuals.


Image- here

This combination looks great and very elegant on table setting.Placement of table accessories aligning with the theme is very important.Pink symbolizes cuteness and gold  richness, combining both should be done very neatly , without over adding of elements.

gold and pink


Image- Ritzy Bee blog





Image- momtoob


Image- momtoob






Intricately carved chair frames in gold with pink fabrics can be enough to complete the whole designing part of any room.This furniture easily fills all the decor space visually.Classic!



Image- ebay

c11c0679d0fe0cec_130c2881f891b74e_frickin_sweet.preview.xxxlarge_1                                                                               Image- casasugar



Image- etsy


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