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Sleep Well- Tips For A Comfortable Bedroom

Sleep is the most awaited time we seek after a long hectic day.A good night’s sleep increases productivity and keeps the health in good shape.Bedroom or the sleep area is the main comfort zone of any house . It should always be neat , clean and calming.By making minor changes in the bedroom , one can make it more comfortable and relaxing.

Lights  – When we are about to sleep , that time is our time.Its the personal space which we utilize our way.Somebody likes to read , watch T.V , write or just chat with the partner.That precious time can be made more soothing with the right lighting.Use soft , medium intensity lights before sleep activity, as it calms the atmosphere .Put a table lamp on the side table and do anything you like on bed in that soothing light.It really sets the right mood for sleep.

15581_466187_IMG_08_0002                                                                                     Image – here

Mattress- A soft mattress feels like heaven.It might be a line of some advertisement but it is absolutely true.Invest in good mattress and gain the benefit of a fit body and healthy mind , directly related to a good night’s sleep.

Neat and Clean Bed- Keep your bedroom and specially beds neat.Sleep distraction  is majorly caused by a cluttered bed and the area around it.It stops the flow of positive energy.Do all your day chores but during sleep time clean the bedroom and make it lively and cozy.


Fragrance , Fresh flowers, Incense sticks, Candles- Let the area smell freshness and beauty.Lit up candles, place flowers or use incense stick but make sure the place smells good .Bad smell can really distracts the sleep and also makes one irritated all day.

Create Memories- Place pictures of the family or loved ones.It creates really positive and lovely feeling and also strengthen the bond.Cherish all the wonderful time spent  by seeing at the pictures while going to bed and getting up as well.



Image – here

Pastel Colors- Use pastel or soft colors for furnishings.Bright colors enhance the flow of heat thus making sleep tougher.Soft furnishings and soft fabrics like cottons can make a sleep really pleasurable.



Image- here


If you are still unable to sleep then play some soft music or read a book.Good Night and Good Dreams!

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