Indian Perception To Fashion


Fashionably in fashion is the mantra being followed by everyone but aesthetically being fashionable is to be in one’s own comfortable skin rather than adorn fashion forcibly. Another desirable term goes with fashion is sophistication. None of us wants of hold back ourselves in carrying the latest trends. In this cat race many of us ends up doing major fashion faus pax, happens to all of us atleast once.

Surely each of us has done some goof ups in trying to be the most fashionable personality of an event. Sophisticated dressing comes naturally to all of us, but we end up making it over the top.

Indian woman in a saree is the most perfect image of a girl in any man’s mind.’ Maharani Gayatri Devi’ of Jaipur was considered as most stylish and elegant lady of her time by Vogue magazine. All her life she wore sarees with simple pearls and looked breathtaking. Although considered way ahead of her time, she always had that charisma of a true Indian Maharani. Some of the critics often accused her of being too western in lifestyle but she always maintained the elegance and beauty of an Indian woman.Saree to all Indian mothers is the most precious gift which they would want to give away to their daughters during wedding. Like, our rich Indian culture, we have rich textiles as well.




Now moving further India is the only lucky country having a great treasure of rich hand woven textiles. From Jammu n Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all our states have something to offer in textiles. Once being called as sone ki chidiya, this country has preserved not just gold / silver but crafted it in our textiles as well.Ex- kanjivaram. Regional fashion has a very strong impact on our contemporary fashion.



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