Roots Of Fashion

Country of millions, land of countless cultures, history of thousands of years, faith in billion of deities and once called as golden sparrow- ‘sone ki chidiya’- India! Or shall we say ‘Indeyeahhhh’, Sounds more fashionable. Globally fashion goes back hundreds of years but in our country it is as old as the existence of India. For ex- During Mahabharata pandavas use to live in an unbelievably huge, spectacular and a magnificent palace. The naughtiest god in Hindu mythology ‘Shri Krishna’ is also very fashionable. The peacock feather, his dusky complexion with which he wooed many gopis symbolizes our rooted fashion and beauty. These days use l of feathers in many accessories is significant, but for us Indians it is always considered as our favorite god’s accessory.








Moving ahead from ancient time, we have adopted many unthinkable trends like those of torn jeans Gowns, skirts, pants etc. West has had a strong impact on India during our time of slavery. The Indian saree is the most beautiful drape in the world which has further given birth to the technique of draping. But now the Indian perception of fashion is getting more western. Fashion is a continuous but and ever changing activity. Being fashionable doesn’t always mean to look beautiful.Gothe or gothic is a statement followed by so many youngsters these days, in short looking scary and unusual in a good way is trendy. To look fashionable is always in our conscience, nobody wants to look bad unless it is the need of that era or a style like gothic.




Talking of era, meant at the particular period in which we live and dress up accordingly. Every decade sees its own style, trends etc. like 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, .From old ancient world we have travelled a long route till day. From hand glasses to aviators, from churidars to chinos and the most remarkable saree to saree gown , fashion always evolves itself to bring new revolution in the lifestyle

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