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The New Age Old Charm Furniture- ‘Raw Wood’

Rustic, raw and old feel wood furniture seems the new age trend specially with young professionals.what is so great about it? The answer is its sheer quality of creating coziness in the house and also giving that rustic, rural look, which is hard to find in metro cities, this might be the reason of its growing popularity with new generation professional lot.

To create the raw look , wood is derived  from old barns, factories and warehouses etc. refer here


Image here


Image here


Image here



Image here

Coffee tables or center tables are one of the common usage of reclaimed wood  furniture.The appealing factor is, its warmth and a feel of comfort .Common area of the house is a special place and close to everyone’s heart.Here only we sit as family, we celebrate, shout, laugh, play, what t.v ,have dinner and what not. That bonding time is special and by adding this kind of furniture adds real character. So the apt usage for raw look is at the heart of your house .


Image here


Image here



Image here



Image here

Bed is the another favorite from this look.Here also the reason is simple and clear- comfort, coziness, warmth love and bonding.As the wood panels are carefully combined to form a product without much polishing, the natural character also represents bonding.This is just made for someone yearning for love.





The application of reclaimed wood is growing and finding a place in many furniture pieces like almirah, drawers, stools ,benches and even flooring.The concept certainly has a long stay in the market considering its clientele.

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