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Silverware – The Obvious Royalty

Royal Treat – The word first comes to mind is silver utensils.The idea of eating in silver is fascinating.Keeping silver utensils like cutlery, glass, tea set, lemon set , plates and bowls etc. is an age old tradition especially in India.People buy these as investment. Buy when silver is at low price and sell when it reaches at a higher point.Off late with our ever so versatile economy , this is becoming a usual trend. It is an ever growing trend because elegance and class relates naturally here.


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Cutlery is a prominent and most selling item in silverware especially as gifting option.The smooth feel and beauty makes you feel rich and fulfilled while eating food.It is commonly available in markets and online shopping.




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Tea Set – Age old or Ancient tradition of silver set is even pass on to generations as family heirlooms.Not only for drinking tea but is is widely used as a decorative item.Another great option for gifting mainly in weddings.When girls get married , this is a sure gift by her maternal family in India.




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All the silverware is available in traditional and modern version.So there is always is a choice, but traditional type is seen more as a royal counterpart





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There are two types one is all silver made and other one is silver plated.The difference is certainly price and weight.


Lemon set – This is basically is jug and 6 glass set,Use it for serving drinks.






Dinner Set – Another favorite gift item for girls getting married in India by the family.



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Check this link for maintaining  silverware – here

Check these links to buy silverware

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