LIFE, Poetry And Writtings

The Unbreakable Me

A poem depicting how a person should fight with all the negativity around.Focus to a purpose is the key to defeat all the enemies with positivism.We should be strong enough to bear all the pain because this is life.Live to fight, fight to live.Born as nothing and die as a fighter,enjoy life each day.

Hit me hard

Pull me parts

Tear my life

But can’t break me!

Scheme an ugly war

Create devil in your core

Try an evil sword

But can’t break me!

My soul is pure

My Resistance turned gold

My eyes pour love

To fight your coward glove

You can’t break me!

The more you hit

The more you hurt

It fuels my gut

To defeat you all jealous nut

You can never break me!

God saves me

He nourishes me

To love me

To hold me

You can’t break me!

A pure soul bears all

Make a heart of gold

Honest seeds I harvest

To reap the life of greatest

You can never break me.






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