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Buddha Staue In Your Home

‘Mahatma Buddha ‘symbol for peace and love, which is diminishing in world because of terrible wars and fights. Any living being needs love and careful nurturing to live happily. Although some situations are not possible to control, we should let them be and keep calm and carry on. To spread awareness and positivity, there should be one Buddha statue kept in every house. It may not change things like miracle but seeing it every day will certainly energize our mind, body and soul with love.





Heard that getting Buddha statue as a gift is lucky and one should not buy oneself and wait for someone to gift.I mean really?Please! Why to wait to bring love and peace in life, when every small effort does make a difference.I assume the gifting Buddha theory must be  hyped , so that people can exchange goodness and spread love.It is the nicest gift  indeed, but if you have not received one yet go and buy now.Do not wait ever to do anything which brings love in life because love is life.I mean any type of love is a blessing and not just between man and woman.



Lot of beautiful statues are available in bright colors like red , yellow, orange etc.Some of the sites where statues are available

–  www. ( link) ( link) ( link )   ( link )   ( link )     ( link )




source – pinterest



It is so hard to resist to buy one when you see lots of interesting postures and colors.Do not hold back, just buy and remember you are adding something valuable to your home and family.Place it in a neat n clean area of the house , where guest can see it without any obstacle.It will charge the flow of positivism even from a negative person.When one looks at it,his mind and soul naturally draws peace peace , such is the magic of ‘Mahatma Buddha.’










The images are taken from internet without any intention of copyright infringement.

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