The Bigg Boss House- Setting Trend

It is a fact that we love bigg boss house, I mean ‘the interiors’. The colors, quirk, coziness, warmth and rustic elements are simply tempting. From last season, we are seeing big boss set soaked in the wind of cool quirk, and so is the latest trend as well.

I loved the bigg boss 7 set more than bigg boss 8 .Last season’s set had all the beautiful and charming elements depicting the theme of heaven  from ‘heaven n hell’ concept. Hell area was obvious hell with no basic comforts and heaven truly looked a place with a breath of freshness.

Bigg Boss 7 Pictures


The pool area– Clouds painted on the roof totally gave it heavenly look.


Bigg Boss season 7 House






Quotes, quotes and quotes.


The Living Room – Love that sofa , quirk meets drama.



Confession room – The heaven n hell theme was a very catchy pick and equally made interesting with so in depth decor.See the colors of wings,one side its white for angels, and the other is black for devils.




The entry for confession room was the most inquisitive.For the first few days I was actually thinking it to be a pathway.The walls were  my favorite, I fell in love with blooming flowers everywhere .Notice those cute dragon flies?




The Dinning Area – The backdrop with bottles made it look very commercial and realistic.Although they wer just images, in the whole house of last season a sense of virtual was prevalent.













The Common Area – That glass pillar added a dose of glitz in the sober heaven feel, much need though.Those random letters on the arc were so thoughtful.Contestants use to write some apt words daily.Thinking to get for my home also.


house2-sep16 (1)










The Bedroom– Quirky bed side tables, coffee chairs and table, big pink hanging lamps and those beautiful walls.It felt like a garden of love area, which indeed it was as two very famous love stories groomed here.Lovely all the way.

07. house1-sep16







The Bathroom – All pretty and comforting and that cycle basin was the charmer.



The Monalisa- My favorite, the best part of the whole house.

Like in season 7 , 8 is also done on the quirk concept but more louder.Here  walls are done with wooden logs tiles,rose n garden theme is prominent on walls in and out the house.

Bigg Boss 8 - House (2)


Bigg Boss 8 - House (3)


Bigg Boss 8 - House (4)

The Living and Common Area– This time the decor looks more vintage and old world charm inspired.That one big sofa in dark brown giving very warm feel.Notice that center table cum trunk surely setting a trend. Half body figures could have looked creepy but so tastefully done that it looks like museum statues.The place overall looks as a magicians den.Very inspiring indeed.





Bigg Boss 8 - House (6)




Bigg Boss 8 - House (7)


The Bedroom– Very earthy looking and the same setting as last season’s.Actually the set is same from previous , only interiors changed.Vintage chandeliers adding a touch of country feel.

Bigg Boss 8 - House (1)


The Bathroom– Boring actually, only flowers are charming.Sorry!


Bigg Boss 8 - House (8)




The Confession Room– The best in the whole house.Deer horns painted in gold with bright fiery shine sofa is so enthralling , and off course those big eyes watching you.Love It!

Check out bigg boss site –

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