Introducing Marigold Bags

Who we are – Women

What we do? – Shopping

How we do it? – With money

Where we keep it? – In our handbag, yes the most lovable accessory which we carry with ease and always keep it with us- ‘handbag’. It is actually possible to find anything in a girl’s handbag. Lipsticks, locks, money, medicine, phone, family pictures, notebook, jewellary, pepper spray, makeup, books , perfume, hygiene needs, water, house keys , car keys and what not. The list is ever growing and interesting. Women carry world in their purse, and why not? After all we deserve all the pampering an to live well and maintain ourselves. We rule, we rock and we do it religiously.



So the need is endless and to satiate it we need separate bag like handbag, wallet , travel bag and shoulder bag.Different moods and occasions demands a different bag.

Here, I present my handbag label ‘Marigold’ .The creative bug in me never dies and always eating my brain to do a creatively challenging task.Marigold bags will open a new chapter by offering a chic stylish range of bags and woman fashion accessories.


Why I started – India is land of varsities.The more people, more n more choices n needs.Handbags are an essential thing from a school going girl to a 70-80 year gracious lady.So, the demand is always on a high for bags and to cater to it, we are presenting a big range to choose and proudly flaunts a marigold.


bag 2


bag 1


How  I begun- I am a born complicated, restless and a creative being.Who sees art and style in anything everywhere.To channelize this ever growing creative energy  with basket full of new ideas, started marigold.This is giving me  a platform to showcase my skills by reaching out to different people who will carry my designs, and off course business.(should monetize my commerce education now).

It is like an extension of my personality.Interior Designer, Blogger and a Fashion Accessory Designer.This is just a beginning of a long journey in life.I might go very far or fail terribly but will certainly learn n earn love, support from people, which is priceless.

I request my dear readers to check my stuff (here).Lots of new designs are in process, this is just a sneak peek.

The blog readers becomes a family for whom we always look for new and interesting stuff to share.Love all….. xoxo


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