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Cane wood – The revised new furniture trend


Old is gold is not just gold, but it is evergreen and a classic too. As a kid , the furniture at my grandparent’s place really attracted me and I would tell them to preserve it for me when I will grow up, and they certainly did.  It is Owing to the strong craftsmanship and impeccable quality of wood. One of the classic item in furniture is cane wood. Cane is basically a tall grass having wood like feel and is strong enough to be woven to make products. Check here for more details – cane

The tall grass is flexible so much h that it can be twisted and dyed to make beautiful furniture and utility pieces. This   globally available natural product is now becoming the hot property in furniture market. As the trend for luxury is booming, people are spending much more for home décor and its interiors. Garden furniture made from cane wood is the most commonly available furniture item.


Commonly used patterns and texture of cane-









-Natural and weather friendly – the best example is garden furniture .It is made up of grass so water is never a problem. An eco-friendly product too.







  • It is a piece of art and also widely used in making handcraft products in Asia and Africa.A light and comforting option for home furniture.It is easy to maintain as wear and tear  strength is good and also cost effective than hard wood.







Picture 035



  • Availability is also huge, as it a form of grass and widely found in villages and forests.
  • A vintage item.These days being used in beds.Looks beautiful, elegant and sophisticated,gives a very pure and light feel to the room.










Some websites selling –






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