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Cycle Decor

The ride of a common man,first self ride for a kid,love of mountain roamers and a friend for students ‘The beloved cycle’.It  has now taken a makeover and how, the world has got a new decor piece.



Look at this beauty..electrifying!


This cute Eco- friendly two wheeler is worth every penny spent upon.






Bathroom basin use of bicycle is a great , affordable and fun idea to play with decor and add some quirk.I would soon be using it in some project.



Source – here


Some great designers have experimented with cycle with great confidence and here is the result.


The brilliance of simple and intelligent design lies in its visual beauty.Rustic and warm.



From –  Promenade Design + Build] and buy here



There is a store in Bangalore named ‘The Orange Bicycle’ and its just so lovely.Great idea to bring a theme out of bicycle and built a business around it.Have a look.









As the world is getting more hungry for creativity , surely many such new styles will be seen more often.

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