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Just Love Your Bedroom

Which is the only place on earth where we can be only ‘me’, ‘myself’ or I? It is ‘The bedroom’ a den for some beautiful and souls like all of us. The bedroom is my zone from ever since I can remember because it gives much needed time with myself. Many people would agree on few points here- It is the place where we sleep to have crazy dreams, cry and laugh silently when alone, imagine some fantasies about life and partner (although it may go wild sometimes) Wink! We make interesting plans for future life, work, family and what not. Just name a thing we can’t do in the bedroom.


The main purpose to be in the bedroom is to sleep and relax our senses after a hectic day. The most important elements for a sound asleep are bed and bedding.

A comfortable bedding is not only important for sleep but gives rest to our tired muscles. Soft, cuddling and fresh feel bed furnishings are must for a good night’s sleep. Other than bedding it’s the nightwear we sleep in. Have you ever noticed, that how much a skin friendly nightwear contributes in a sound sleep? Sometime when we can’t sleep and blame many things like caffeine, TV , some noise or a broken dream, most of the times it’s the nightwear and bedding we are sleeping on which causes disturbance in sleep .Highly chemical based fabrics causes restlessness and irritation  and creates friction in the body thus resulting in poor sleep. Very dark colored, synthetic or tight clothing causes havoc for our sleep. One must ensure to make up the bed with soft, light colored and good quality furnishings like quilts, throw, bed sheet etc .Cotton is best fabric for bedding as well as for nightwear.

My long due quest for such amazing stuff has finally come to a halt at parachute home. The moment I discovered this brand’s website ,I am in dire want to buy these super fine Egyptian cotton bedding and the best part is they ship worldwide.The super amazing selection of basic and pastel shades infused with fine quality fabric is such a delight for skin and soul.

pic 3





pic 1



My bedroom is actually my heaven for relaxation and self exploration.I sleep late and the maximum time i spent doing my creative work like designing and writing is during midnight in my bedroom.I feel like a free bird , flying high in hopes yet rooted in reality .I just enjoy me time and wish the same for every crazy soul like me.



This is my favorite bedroom accessory , 3 time zone clock.London – Delhi – Honk Kong.

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