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I too had a love story


Beautiful – The story and its narration are simply beautiful and emotional too. What a love story, was my reaction after finishing this one. I have just begun reading love stories and the first one I read was ‘Can love happen twice’, the second series of this one and amazing too. But, ’I too had a love story’ is a masterpiece by Ravinder Singh. (link)



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This is the author’s true story, which makes your heart melt at every step. Khushi and Ravinder falls in love over a matrimonial site and decides to get married even before meeting each other. Such love do exist. I was completely in awe of the description of the girl by him, it clearly shows his innocent and honest love. How he has described her in the novel is the most desirable picture for any girl by her beloved. The best part about any love story is that while reading, we can easily visualize the scenario and indeed the same happened with me while I was reading it. I could see Khushi by  Ravin’s eyes.

They both are in mad love and decides to meet. Ravin goes to meet her to Delhi NCR (Faridabad) before leaving for U.S on company’s project. He sees Khushi in real for the first time at the Delhi airport, and is completely lost in her beauty. She, accompanied by her siblings, takes him to the hotel for rest and they spend some alone and lovely time together given to them, as her brother and sister leaves. Now, both of them are alone in the room, nervous, excited, emotional and completely lost in each other.



Like any other mad in love couple they kiss, hug and feel each other in every moment. Bliss! The narration of this scene is so fascinating and pleasurable, without any vulgarity.  A dejavu for anyone who has ever been in love. Then, Ravin meet’s Khushi’s family and all goes well. They all like him and finalizes him as a suitable groom for their beloved daughter. While leaving for U.S before his flight, they both meet, and she lies to her mother for an MBA prep class to meet him. After spending some lovely time, while coming back, rain makes it worse for her to reach on time. This moment narrates the usual trouble for young couple’s to spend some time alone while respecting parents sentiments too. A perfect and cute love scene here! Awww


Finally the engagement dates are set 14th Feb. And, then the uncertain, unfortunate happened. Khushi meets with a terrible accident causing her severe injuries on head and other parts, and she succumbs and departs without even saying goodbye to Ravin. The scene brought tears to my eyes. My heart broke during while reading the last chapters, knowing it all happened in real. Everyone, her family, his family and tries best to save her, prayed day and night but it all ends with her shocking death. A beautiful life lost and a terrible end to a lovely nurturing story.

The best book I have read till date. Brought smile to my face and tears in my eyes simultaneously. Highly recommended for all those who believes in love and those who do not, must read to see true love does exist.




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