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Colors and their decor values – Red, Pink, Beige, Yellow

Red– The color symbolizes love, passion, energy, intensity, excitement and danger too.  Red is the color of blood and signifies life but also increases heartbeat. Red is best used when used in moderation with some other color. It is ideal for couple’s bedroom, kid’s room (very less use is recommended to bring some energy) and kitchen as it also elevates hunger. The best color combination with red is beige, grey and white. Subtle hues when used with a strong color neutralize its energy and make it balanced.







Pink– The combination of red and white thus, carries properties from both. It is color of love, romance, fantasy, drams, happiness, and brightness. Pink is a soothing and an attracting color. Dreams are often shown in pinks .Needles to say that it is favorite of every girl since childhood. Hues of pinks are ideal to be used in kid’s rooms (girls), moderate use in bedrooms for love and in a creative place as to increase imagination power.






Beige– It a neutral color which is generally used with other strong colors. Although it can be used without any combination because of its neutral touch. It is considered a warm, cozy and comfort color yet, suitable for any season. One of the most commonly used color across the globe especially in common areas, living rooms and bedrooms.









Yellow– Happiness, joy, cheerfulness, hope and good times are indicted by yellow. This is one of most positive and bright color of universe because it is the color of sun. It should be used in lighter hues otherwise it can be irritable as well. Yellow color towards golden tint is the best hue particularly in decoration of house or any other place. Too much brightness creates chaos, in the same way too bright yellow should be avoided especially in kid’s rooms.


Decorating with yellow - western-interiors-augsept08_modern-yellow



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