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Lighting in commercial setup

Lighting is the most important area of work for an interior designer to add that polished look to any project. A commercial setup like restaurant and shop urge sales. In fact any retail outlet selling products or services would vouch for sales. Proper illumination can really swing your sales upwards if done with precision.

Restaurant- Divided such as food joint, casual dining and fine dining.

Food Joints – These are affordable eating places where atmosphere does not matter over food. Lighting need be energetic, bright and warm.

Tip- Use yellow lights more because it creates warm energy and elevates hunger.




Casual Dining – This type of dinning emphasis on decor which mainly has to be fun, quirky, cozy, relaxed and easy on eyes. The atmospheric energy here is loud and relaxed. This category is a cross between a fast food joint and fine dining accommodating decent interiors with good food.

Tip- Use mix of both yellow and white, but more of yellow.






Fine Dining – This setup means luxury and class. You pay a lot more for the experience of both, the atmosphere with amazing food. Upmarket, elegant and sober are the adjectives for this category. And why not, it is burning a hole in your pocket too. Wink! Lighting here plays a major role than others. It just needs to be perfect to hold the guests as long as possible. They need to sit for long and enjoy slow eating. Dim and under rated lights are widely used for this type of setup. Bright and big lights makes a place warm and energetic but the main purpose of a fine dining is to let the guest sit, relax and enjoy the evening. So bright lights are a big no.

Tip- Soothing and subtle lighting is recommended. Use of blue, white and soft yellow lights.






Showrooms / Retail Shops– These places generally have strong lighting in the form of multiple small fixtures in the ceiling. The aim is to fetch maximum sales by creating enthusiasm and impulsiveness in the customer to make an immediate purchase. Hence, the lights should be strong enough to make a person engaged in the shop.

Tip- Yellow and white are both used extensively according to the product.






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