vastu, Vastu Shastra

Easy Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra is an age old study on how to live in accordance with the nature on planet earth.I would say it  is our very own traditional science which holds its significance in modern world.The world is anyway coming back to the roots and one such example is the increasing consumption of organic food.Here are some of the very easy tips given in vastu to follow for a peaceful life.Small changes makes big difference.

  • Kitchen should be made in the South-East area of the house.
  • Creative people should keep Devi Sarawati’s idol at home and worship her daily.
  • Use pure metals such at brass, copper , iron , silver etc.Avoid using too much plastic or synthetic material especially  for food containers.
  • Keep fresh flower at home often.Plant flowers, decorate with flower vase or offer few flower to god(temple).
  • Wash and clean all the utensils after dinner.Kitchen should be kept clean throughout.It stops the breeding of bacteria and enhance health of the family members.
  • Always keep money organized.Do not litter money in drawers, shelf or random boxes.Always bundle the currency notes and keep the coins at one place.Money is godddess laxmi, respect her.
  • Use cotton , linen , jute or silks for furnishings.Do not use synthetic, polyester  etc.The bed sheets and cushion covers must always be of soft and pure fabric.It improves and sleep and overall health.
  • Make sure that doors and furniture does not make irritating noise while using.Keep oiling the door joints .Repair furniture legs/ feet and get rubber fixed at the bottom of tables, chairs etc.
  • Use yellow color in house.Yellow is  the most harmonious color but use it in subtle tones like light yellow, lime.Yellow enhances appetite , use it in kitchen/ dinning area.
  • Do not keep clocks at your bedsides.Digital clocks and  phones should also be kept away from bed at night.

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