My grandpa’s lost and found hobby

As we are growing older , we are forgetting that our parents and grandparents are too aging with us.Every parent wants to give their child a good life which they probably never had and in all this hustle of life , our parents often forget themselves. Last week only I, got to realized when I saw my grandfather’s drawing books. It was real shocker to see his work.I , then realized where were the dreams lost in all his life and also felt proud to share the creative genes.My granddad migrated from Lahore to India during partition .He was merely fourteen at that time .After partition he could not pursue his studies and like all the people from that era he also knows how to write in Urdu only. Which he still does, reads Urdu newspaper as well as reads Shrimadbhagwat Gita in Urdu only.

I am sharing some of his artwork.He is 86 now , can’t see properly, cant hear properly, eat little food , complains of legs paining but somehow a child inside him is restless, who wants to grow up.He cant draw well at all but managed to create these cute artworks with his little understanding of concept and colors.It is endearing to see the zest for life .I often wonder that all his life he did not get a chance to pursue his hobby due to pressures of life, and now he is again rejuvenated to at least give it a try.

All the stickers, sequence , mirrors , colors and other material , he purchased himself.He searched different markets for particular stickers to create a temple, an amusement park, a jungle etc.It may seem very normal but imagine someone holding his hobby in his heart for all this life and now pursuing it and eager to learn and improve everyday, yes he makes all this everyday although later complains of back pain. I can only say it is really heartening and inspiring too.


An all ladies park, do not miss the perfect stickers
Farmer life
Vintage Bollywood romance
Om Namah Shivay
Modern life
Handbag, notice the clutch lock made with match sticks

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