A Salute To Zaha Hadid

She may have gone, but how? What an artist ZAHA HADID you were. Without saying much have a look at some of her prominent works. Nothing needs to be said only admiration for her. World celebrates her art and will always cherish the magnanimous works she produced. A salute, you will always inspire. Rest in… Continue reading A Salute To Zaha Hadid

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I too had a love story

  Beautiful – The story and its narration are simply beautiful and emotional too. What a love story, was my reaction after finishing this one. I have just begun reading love stories and the first one I read was ‘Can love happen twice’, the second series of this one and amazing too. But, ’I too… Continue reading I too had a love story

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Just Love Your Bedroom

Which is the only place on earth where we can be only ‘me’, ‘myself’ or I? It is ‘The bedroom’ a den for some beautiful and souls like all of us. The bedroom is my zone from ever since I can remember because it gives much needed time with myself. Many people would agree on… Continue reading Just Love Your Bedroom

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Art Souvenirs From Spain , Italy

It feels so good when people get souvenirs for you knowing your art love.I feel so rich by having these beauties from the land of Salvador Dali ,Vincent Van Gogh and  Gustav Klimt.       Dali seasoning             The fondue sticks looks yummy as chocolate sauce.   Some brainstorming the… Continue reading Art Souvenirs From Spain , Italy

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Aishwarya Rai Bacchan In Black

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan is one actress who looks great in anything, but black is made for her.One of most beautiful women in black exuberating grace , style and persona.                        


Introducing Marigold Bags

Who we are – Women What we do? – Shopping How we do it? – With money Where we keep it? – In our handbag, yes the most lovable accessory which we carry with ease and always keep it with us- ‘handbag’. It is actually possible to find anything in a girl’s handbag. Lipsticks, locks,… Continue reading Introducing Marigold Bags

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Khadi-Our Culture

When our Dear prime Minister appealed everyone to buy khadi , it was really appreciating but the irony , we have forgotten our own textile heritage , and the country's head is appealing to us to buy this.Our country proudly has a rich n well preserved treasure of art n craft and each craft is… Continue reading Khadi-Our Culture