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Easy Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra is an age old study on how to live in accordance with the nature on planet earth.I would say it  is our very own traditional science which holds its significance in modern world.The world is anyway coming back to the roots and one such example is the increasing consumption of organic food.Here are… Continue reading Easy Vastu Tips for Home

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Buddha Staue In Your Home

‘Mahatma Buddha ‘symbol for peace and love, which is diminishing in world because of terrible wars and fights. Any living being needs love and careful nurturing to live happily. Although some situations are not possible to control, we should let them be and keep calm and carry on. To spread awareness and positivity, there should… Continue reading Buddha Staue In Your Home

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Silverware and Traditions

We are blessed to be born in this beautiful and culturally rich land of lakhs of deities. Worshiping god is not just a ritual but a way of life in India.Our whole year is planned according to the festivals.Use of silver in religious activity is an ancient tradition , goes back thousands of years in… Continue reading Silverware and Traditions