vastu, Vastu Shastra

Easy Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra is an age old study on how to live in accordance with the nature on planet earth.I would say it  is our very own traditional science which holds its significance in modern world.The world is anyway coming back to the roots and one such example is the increasing consumption of organic food.Here are… Continue reading Easy Vastu Tips for Home

Marigold Bags

Candy Bag From Marigold Bags

Another girly and pretty addition to my pet project MARIGOLD BAGS.Making a range of pretty handbags for women.This one is a third in our collection and the most sell able already.Sold many in one week.Its a perfect day and night wear.Would look great with casual tees and jeans pretty dresses. Very spacious indeed and  with adjustable… Continue reading Candy Bag From Marigold Bags

LIFE, Poetry And Writtings

The Unbreakable Me

A poem depicting how a person should fight with all the negativity around.Focus to a purpose is the key to defeat all the enemies with positivism.We should be strong enough to bear all the pain because this is life.Live to fight, fight to live.Born as nothing and die as a fighter,enjoy life each day. Hit… Continue reading The Unbreakable Me

Decor, Lifestyle

Asian Paints- Great Ways To Have A Beautiful Home

'Home is where the heart is’ The saying is so precise these days ,we all are loving to live life in a good standard.The joy of decorating your own home is priceless.Personal touches makes a home from house.Love, warmth , coziness and happiness are the essential vibes and should always shout out from a home.Our… Continue reading Asian Paints- Great Ways To Have A Beautiful Home

Poetry And Writtings

A Smile Worthwhile

A little poem on SMILE.This one sweet gesture comes straight from heart to win million hearts. An attempt to  make this stressful  atmosphere light with  this poem.   Tonic of life, a bare grin of comfort Relief in soul , fills empty hole Smile- to make up! When you smile, you shine When you shine,… Continue reading A Smile Worthwhile


10 ways for a happy life!

1- Believe In God ! Trust me noting like it. Your faith is your power and gives a feeling of fearlessness . 2-Follow Daily Routine! I  know its easy to say but hard to  maintain and i have been through this but once you achieve it then life is wonderful.Simply make a routine on paper… Continue reading 10 ways for a happy life!