I miss you and only you, Crave you and only you Forgetting me your choice Loving you, my prize. I miss you and only you, My love insane My heart in pain My life in void My soul, your pride. I miss you and only you, I loved you too much You thought it not… Continue reading I MISS YOU


Jewelry Haul- Fun n Funky

First time I am posting a haul.These are very recent purchases. golden eagle heart , multi colored stone with pearls and funky parrots This golden piece is from .I just loved it when I first saw and immediately purchased.This is edgy n dramatic.Accessorize with plain tunics, tops, shirts etc. This piece is really functional… Continue reading Jewelry Haul- Fun n Funky

Poetry And Writtings

“Don’t you love me like before”

Don’t you love like beforeDo you lie to me more,Can’t you see the painIs your heart so plain,Try n be the sameRelation is not a game!Don’t you love me like before.Were those confessions a true lieOr say you were never mine,Don’t you still feel the samePlace on heart my name,Can’t we again fall in love,You… Continue reading “Don’t you love me like before”