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Colors and their decor values – Red, Pink, Beige, Yellow

Red- The color symbolizes love, passion, energy, intensity, excitement and danger too.  Red is the color of blood and signifies life but also increases heartbeat. Red is best used when used in moderation with some other color. It is ideal for couple’s bedroom, kid’s room (very less use is recommended to bring some energy) and… Continue reading Colors and their decor values – Red, Pink, Beige, Yellow

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Buddha Staue In Your Home

‘Mahatma Buddha ‘symbol for peace and love, which is diminishing in world because of terrible wars and fights. Any living being needs love and careful nurturing to live happily. Although some situations are not possible to control, we should let them be and keep calm and carry on. To spread awareness and positivity, there should… Continue reading Buddha Staue In Your Home

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Essentials Of A Couple’s Bedroom

Bedroom is a place where , after a whole day of work and tiredness, one opts to relax and loose. A Couple find its much needed privacy only in the bedroom.   Here are few basic necessities of a couple's bedroom   TELEVISION- You may have a big family t.v in the living room or common area but having  one in the… Continue reading Essentials Of A Couple’s Bedroom