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Lighting in commercial setup

Lighting is the most important area of work for an interior designer to add that polished look to any project. A commercial setup like restaurant and shop urge sales. In fact any retail outlet selling products or services would vouch for sales. Proper illumination can really swing your sales upwards if done with precision. Restaurant-… Continue reading Lighting in commercial setup

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Colors and their decor values – Red, Pink, Beige, Yellow

Red- The color symbolizes love, passion, energy, intensity, excitement and danger too.  Red is the color of blood and signifies life but also increases heartbeat. Red is best used when used in moderation with some other color. It is ideal for couple’s bedroom, kid’s room (very less use is recommended to bring some energy) and… Continue reading Colors and their decor values – Red, Pink, Beige, Yellow


WALL DECALS !!! ‘The Interioz’

So after I posted the last article about my new venture and wall decals, got many queries on them. Thanks to all my readers. I am going to answer everything about the concept of WALL DECALS / STICKERS. -          What are wall decals? A wall decal, also known as a wall sticker, wall tattoo, or wall vinyl, is… Continue reading WALL DECALS !!! ‘The Interioz’