My grandpa’s lost and found hobby

As we are growing older , we are forgetting that our parents and grandparents are too aging with us.Every parent wants to give their child a good life which they probably never had and in all this hustle of life , our parents often forget themselves. Last week only I, got to realized when I… Continue reading My grandpa’s lost and found hobby

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I too had a love story

  Beautiful – The story and its narration are simply beautiful and emotional too. What a love story, was my reaction after finishing this one. I have just begun reading love stories and the first one I read was ‘Can love happen twice’, the second series of this one and amazing too. But, ’I too… Continue reading I too had a love story

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Art Souvenirs From Spain , Italy

It feels so good when people get souvenirs for you knowing your art love.I feel so rich by having these beauties from the land of Salvador Dali ,Vincent Van Gogh and  Gustav Klimt.       Dali seasoning             The fondue sticks looks yummy as chocolate sauce.   Some brainstorming the… Continue reading Art Souvenirs From Spain , Italy

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Buddha Staue In Your Home

‘Mahatma Buddha ‘symbol for peace and love, which is diminishing in world because of terrible wars and fights. Any living being needs love and careful nurturing to live happily. Although some situations are not possible to control, we should let them be and keep calm and carry on. To spread awareness and positivity, there should… Continue reading Buddha Staue In Your Home

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The New Age Old Charm Furniture- ‘Raw Wood’

Rustic, raw and old feel wood furniture seems the new age trend specially with young professionals.what is so great about it? The answer is its sheer quality of creating coziness in the house and also giving that rustic, rural look, which is hard to find in metro cities, this might be the reason of its… Continue reading The New Age Old Charm Furniture- ‘Raw Wood’

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When A Kid Smile!

Children are god's replica on earth.The smile they give is the most pure and honest in the whole world.A short poem on  a Kid's Smile       God like smile moments capture for a while when a kid smile! Best day of life gift grants from skies when a kid smile! Forget worries bury… Continue reading When A Kid Smile!