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Colors and their decor values – Red, Pink, Beige, Yellow

Red- The color symbolizes love, passion, energy, intensity, excitement and danger too.  Red is the color of blood and signifies life but also increases heartbeat. Red is best used when used in moderation with some other color. It is ideal for couple’s bedroom, kid’s room (very less use is recommended to bring some energy) and… Continue reading Colors and their decor values – Red, Pink, Beige, Yellow


RED – deep energy! COLOR BOARD

RED is the color for blood.lots of myths are associated with it.I am sharing interesting red decor ideas.Its a rich color , high in energy and very auspicious according to Hindus . All red  furniture piece in a dull grey room looks tempting.The color is adding richness and coziness here. Red is a versatile color,depicted with love and aggression as well.Red stimulates pulse rate and… Continue reading RED – deep energy! COLOR BOARD