I miss you and only you, Crave you and only you Forgetting me your choice Loving you, my prize. I miss you and only you, My love insane My heart in pain My life in void My soul, your pride. I miss you and only you, I loved you too much You thought it not… Continue reading I MISS YOU

vastu, Vastu Shastra

Easy Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Shastra is an age old study on how to live in accordance with the nature on planet earth.I would say it  is our very own traditional science which holds its significance in modern world.The world is anyway coming back to the roots and one such example is the increasing consumption of organic food.Here are… Continue reading Easy Vastu Tips for Home


Introducing Marigold Bags

Who we are – Women What we do? – Shopping How we do it? – With money Where we keep it? – In our handbag, yes the most lovable accessory which we carry with ease and always keep it with us- ‘handbag’. It is actually possible to find anything in a girl’s handbag. Lipsticks, locks,… Continue reading Introducing Marigold Bags